Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”

Ephesians 5:14

Dear Families & Friends,

Greet you all in name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is alive even today among us forever and he is our coming king so be prepared to see his glory shining in coming days.

2017, has been wonderful for me & my family, filled with testimonies how God has been faithful in every area of our life, so I believe in your life to.

I want to write my heart for 2018 and what God has put in my heart through his Holy Spirit.

2018, is the year of redemption and break of bondage in every area of our life.A Great Spiritual Awakening and Revive in nations is going take place, This words I believe is for those who God wants to do something greater things through them and fulfill his purpose.


Word for the year 2018  from Ephesians 5:14

Therefore He says:“Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”

There is a great Spiritual awakening God is going to bring among leaders & people who are ready to raise up for Christ. Churches are going be thoroughly cleaned, there would the downfall of leaders and even some people out of media for sometimes.

This time the Awakening has a price to pay because God himself is preparing it for the greater purpose. The act of Joel 2:28,29 is going be so much action that the word of God will be sharper than the sword (Hebrews 4:12).

This act that God is bringing because of our enemy has been actively working in Churches and among Christian leaders, who was supposed to follow the call and visions from God.

Few areas that God is bringing Redemption and Awakening is below


Spirit of Divination is so strong among the leaders & churches, who over a period of time has forgotten the real purpose of God & carried away by their own plans, manipulation, which lead them to false doctrine & prophesies, remember our enemy always want us to deviate from the purpose and will of God.


Spirit of unforgiveness which has also played so strong among the churches and not allowing the temple of God to grow and there would be downfall churches as well along with soul winning for Jesus would be difficult.Remember Jesus said when you forgive others than my father in heaven will forgive you: Matthew 6:15 and also he taught us to forgive and love one another first.


Spirit of Jealously among the leaders which do not allow to raise the generation to move further because they are scared of overtaking so do they keep controlling things for their benefit in planned ways, this has been very much active in Christian society also it becomes a blockage to God’s plan, purpose and establishment.



God is bringing a great redemption from this bondage to churches and leaders, he is preparing a generation who is going to stand for Jesus and ready to be anonymous to build his kingdom,

  • He is bringing back the days of Elijah & Elisha and Daniel.
  • A New Breed of Worship
  • Aggressive Word Speakers, Who would reach out world about Jesus
  • Supernatural moves, which is never before done or seen

Be prepared to receive more from God.

Let us give thanks to God, learn from 2017 and enter with newness in 2018, with a heart of worship and do the will of God to establish his kingdom.

Wishing all A Blessed New year 2018 in Jesus.


 Walk With Me! By Ps.Enoch.

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Greetings Readers,

Praise be to the God Almighty and Jesus My Lord My Savior,

The world around is so blind that they are not able to see the actual battle in the unseen world, where the Bible speaks about a warfare since the beginning.

Only a few people were able to see and fight in the old times way back and where God himself was also involved with his people.

After Jesus risen back then went to be with father, the battle became open to all. There is an open challenges place in front of us and to face this challenges God sent us a helper, comforter, (Holy Spirit) because the war is going to be more personal.

Everyone has their own role and fight to deal with now to win the battle. Last Night I went through a fight and a vision which can not be explained but the realm that could be felt when you are involved in the battle. I saw the current war that’s happening, A Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare  could be seen  when you are called to do greater things for God’s kingdom.it’s important that you should understand the war that is happening in the spiritual world. It is not against flesh but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. (EPS 6:12)

It’s perfect time to find your rightful place in the warfare or battlefield, if you don’t find you will be defeated.


Be blessed

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When do Leadership become void

Greetings Friends,

Believing God is doing amazing work in your life, please do share me your testimonies and to people around you. Many time it’s very difficult to serve a leadership & later on it’s all smoke coming out.

Difficulties in Calling we serve

  1. Environment & Place
  2. Leadership serving under
  3. Church we attend & Doctrine, Practices

In order to see your calling excel, it’s very important who are you fellowshipping with and under which leadership are you serving with.


Many people lost their calling because of wrong leadership over them,

  1. Deep studies about leadership, I have seen an overall period of time serving under a right fellowship has been a challenge because of the practices and doctrines followed by them, That’s why it’s very important that we practice our gifting ’s, meditate the word of God and constant prayers.
  2. Secondly, Every leadership has a dream and vision, now in orders see your anointing and calling move next level, need to string with right leadership attached or it’s going to be a mess
  3. Most of the leadership try to impact there dream upon people who are under them, which will defiantly yield you no results if they are not attached with same visions from God, better you let them go.


Will… Continue…



Pastor Enoch


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Well  Friends and Readers,

For many are called few are chosen Matthew 20:16.Today one of the greatest challenges we face in churches is growth and no increase of crowd.

God has called many people to plant churches but most of them failed to increase souls in the church even after they have been walking with God for many years and also being in the ministries with good experience and still a failure.

Now the question is why?

The problem is not with the place you are planting the church nor the environment you are living or you don’t have talented people around, you may still fail with talented people around you.

The problem is with you first and God’s will on you, a vision that was placed upon you.

Example, if you are called Pastor of the church with a vision of evangelism and ministry of evangelism, you need to ensure you are following the instructions from God properly and function under that anointing and circle that God will provide.

You will also move in the Gifts, like example most modern preachers like to move in Prophetic and good that God is using them in the Gift of prophecy, but you still remain in your calling and functionalities you are called for.

This is how it has to be.

But most of the leaders & Pastors we find they diversify their callings and start moving according to waves they feel good which is not good sign of healthy spiritual walk and will end up sinning against God and will move away from the vision & in sight of God,

There will be tremendous demonic attack over them that will bring them down or destroy them.

For a church where there is no proper alignment of God’s call, it shall not see the fruit s of the spirit and also no increase of crowd.

Leaders and Pastors of the church It time for RESTRUCTURE DNA OF YOUR CALLING

Mark 8: 34:- He called people to himself, that means God only calls your calling not men.Then Desire to seek God and his will. Going forward the first thing that you have to do is deny yourself i.e cut all the sinful nature & be focused on God’s Will.Then be ready to live for Christ ( Christ lifestyle) and preach the Gospel, no matter what people around you say. In the end, it’s all about Christ Jesus who will come in glory one day at his return

Let us stop focusing that is not in the will of God, our focus should be Jesus nothing apart from it.

Keep Praying will be back with more.



Walk With Me!

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About Walk With Me! – Glorious 10yrs

Dear Readers & Friends,

Glad that finally, I am introducing WWM.

In the year 2001, God began to minister me about the words from bible and its mysteries in the days back when I was not a perfect man in Christ, I was a just young person seeking love and peace from others, but something kept me alive is writing around the real-time experience.

During that year there was multiple dreams and visions God showed me, but I pushed aside those dreams & visions because lack of guidance and mislead with so many things around. Dreams & Visions has been constantly been part of my life and every time I see Dream or Vision it came to pass till date.

In 2006, God began to work on my life & many things started shifting around me. I was no more a person like before, the tidings of God started becoming so real that I started depending more on God’s word than others.My involvement and work began in D&V, writing and speaking out the mysteries became my lifetime study.

In 2008, Walk with Me! Came alive to reach people help them understand the mysteries of the word and bring the word alive in their spirit and lift up their faith in God.

In 2010, WWM launched media as  Blogging site (personal) and reaching people with a motive to Teach, Reach and Build.

Bible Says, word was in the beginning and will be there, in the end,  it is really important that we need to know the depth of the word and plans of God to establish his kingdom. Word is the key to see God face to face

Today it Glorious 10 years of Walk with Me!

WWM is moving ahead this year reach more nations and people who would like to know God Personally, help people to know about Supernatural Encounters with God and Walk With him in person. Supernatural World is more deals with spending your time with living God

A wholly different environment and Prophetic word directly from God builds His Kingdom in each and every one, according to their call (Remember God only Calls you not people)

WWM was designed to extend to people, make them understand the word of living, supernatural phase with God, how to build his kingdom and increase faith (Because faith comes from word of God) and specifically in the area of Dreams and Visions

Objectives of WWM

  • Reach out, more people assist them to understand the word of God
  • Reach out Nations and get together as one unified people for God
  • Bring in the right practices accordingly with alignment of word of God (Areas Like 1) Worship 2) Preaching word 3) Prophetic 4) Dreams and Vision 5) Supernatural)
  • A Prayer and Word combo intercessor’s with God
  • Prophetic movement & which will unfold the mysteries of the word

When we come together & stand in unity for God’s Kingdom, most importantly in the will of God and anointing of Holy Spirit on us everything is possible.

We are in days of manipulation and false doctrine, let us be alert and go forward.


Walk With Me! ( A Walk With Living God ) – Ps.Enoch

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When we think about seed and sowing, the first thing that gets our mind is Field, where farmer sow seeds to reap a good harvest.

God has sown his seed in us to bring the harvest in his field of righteousness.He entrusted, gave it to us so that we will bring the harvest in right season.

The word of God speaks about The Man who shares talents to his servants & goes on a journey & in return when he comes back he sees his first 2 servants multiple and the last one hides his talent and no multiplication happens,   Matthew 25:14-29.

Think about the one who had one talent in his hand & How he could do wonders and made best then others by investing it in the right place but he hides it & lost all the blessing from his master

In the same manner, so do we hide our spiritual gifts that received from God

We don’t use it to multiply God’s kingdom (Luke 4:18).

Sowing is very important part of our lives because it brings multiplication, deliverance mainly.

God has sown his breath upon us and he gave us everything in this world so that we may multiply fruitfully and be blessed.

  • His spoken word upon us.
  • Holy Spirit upon us, who can lead to see supernaturals and reveal the true God.
  • His Son Jesus on the cross & shed blood for you.
  • His love for us

Sowing both spiritually and ThanksGiving (Money Offering/Prayers) to God, it brings a true harvest

Even during this season of thanksgiving & preparation.Don’t worry what you have in you just give it to God with all your heart and surrender to his presence.

It time that we show our faithfulness & receive from God in abundance by planting/Sow ourselves in the kingdom of God.

Walk with Me- Pastor Enoch.


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My dear friends,

Greet you all back with something fresh today.

Believing this open blog would reach your hearts and convey a new change in your life.

Matthew 12:38-42,
The bible talks about a category of people, a generation who are considerably known for all the physical understanding of everything that is available on this earth, studied & scholar in the fields they have expertise but yet they are not satisfied and look for more.

Currently, Technology and digitization are so readily available with data stored from past to present and predicted scientific theory for the future, but again yet looking out for more evidence and practical operation.

We are left only a few men of God/ teachers on this earth who are really going for the purpose they are called and fully putting their efforts to reach the truth to the world

In my teaching experience, I have come across many disappointed areas like people would hardly appreciate you, they would even shoot down your teaching by their words, exceptionally with few corrective suggestions to improve your teaching & by sight (That powerful look at you when you are on the stage set to deliver your message to the world) And even mocking at your words that you have struggled day and night to reach the truth to people, and the best part backbiting, gossips about your teaching, I am sharing this because God taught me in his ways how to overcome all this and move further in his will & purpose accordingly, no personal hurt but a process I have ascertained to do my calling come true in his will and over a period of time, God granted me the power to overcome such things and move in the Spirit & truth.

Getting back to the point, in Matthew 12:38-42, the word of God Speak about people who have all knowledge, including believers and leaders who pretend they know everything but never fall under the will of God’s work and also make a choice of their own & bring a new theory or doctrine.

This kind of people are called Evil, Adulterous (Meaning involved in putting forward questions about God’s will and various activities), they seek for signs that is something more than beyond their eyes could see and also it says a Queen will rise along with this generation who will test the wisdom of God (Queen Sheba in the times of Solomon), meaning many leadership will rise to question against the word of God and also people who are working to the will of God.

Today teaching has just become a material for most of the people to keep registered in the paper & sell it away.The voice of truth in Christian churches and leaders, believers are slowly fading away, because of so many doctrines in this universe are given birth.

A true teaching will not get appreciation from anyone but will generate a reward of the transformation of life in others.We need Voices for God’s word and preached his good news & that’s why we have comforter and guide who God send from heaven and who is from the origin of this world and will be there until the end of this world, None other than Sweet HOLY SPIRIT, my only inspiration to compose these words without any fear.

Utilize your social media to transform someone’s life to God, but not to have fame or become famous.

Be a Good Teacher, it’s the call for everyone to preach the Good News about Jesus Luke 4:18

Be very blessed and will be back with more, write to me at enochls@live.com /wwm57@outlook.com
Walk With Me!-Ps.Enoch


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We are in the days of revelation ( meaning days of Jesus coming back soon).

Currently, we are marching in the days of Holy Spirit, who quickens our heart & keeps us running in our call & Purpose. (Psalm 71:20).


  • People who are slow in theirs calls, who are weak to take up cross & move forward.
  • People who are not serious about the will of God & to execute his purpose on this earth and only seeks self-benefit by name of the Lord
  • People who seek title specific & comfort oriented then decide to do ministries of their choice.
  • People who are not willing to operate their ministries they are called for & push themselves into their comfort ministries.
  • People who are lazy
  • People who are not following the commands of God
  • People who are manipulative in their words
  • People who are faking their anointing
  • People who are planned of their own



  • Who is ready leave their comfort zone and reach out people
  • Who is proactive to do something for the kingdom of God
  • Who speaks the word of God
  • Who runs after heart and desire more of God
  • Whose first priority is God
  • Who are faithful & walk in faith
  • Who is visionary about God plan
  • Who has vision from God
  • Who is willing to operate under control of Holy Spirit



Currently, we may notice that churches have become only notable for its building and space when we talk about church people speak about how big it is.

That’s a good sign of a growing church, my point here is bible speaks about the temple where God dwells,( meaning we are his church, temple where God dwells)

We are missing exactly at this point right now. Word of God Says,


  • To Preach the Gospel
  • To heal
  • To deliver People from bondages
  • Recovering of sight to the blind (those don’t know Gospel)
  • Bring back people who are oppressed by oppressor (Demons)

Possibilities of the above are when you are anointed by the power of Holy Spirit.Acts 1:8, You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, meaning you will be able to walk according to the call & do the works of Luke 4:18 only when you receive the power of Holy Spirit.

Now to have this kind of experienced supernatural walk, it’s our life style that matters & how submissive are we to God.


Your personal encounter with God & anointing on your life can only save you.Not even your ministries can save you. (1 John 2:20/Is 26:8-9)

You might be great preacher & leader but still, you can be counted among the category where God says I don’t know you!

People have become so much particular about their ministries and giftings, instead of seeking God for his will.

WARNING: If you opt for other than the call & gift that God gives or gave, you fall into Sin, and all going to be a waste because you come under permissive will of God, not perfect will of God and looks good to function in the gifts & ministries.But it would never be pleasing to God because you made the choice not him.

This is what exactly devils need, going against the will of God, using his trick of choice gifts of your own not really God’s Gift

You declare your call without concerning to God about it.

God is looking for Faithful one, who is ready to do anything for God, like Paul and disciple of Jesus and we are here to continue the finished work of Jesus

Jesus said we can do more greater things than him on this earth with the help of Holy Spirit. (John14:12)

Christianity has become a show case to this world rather than setting an example for Jesus.


One of the experiencing problems that most of the young and aggressive people are facing and backslide, rather than going forward to God’s kingdom is because of leaders and Pastors the wrong impression or impose of their experience & plans

God has given everyone a different experience and it is respectful cannot, ignore or deny it.

But as leaders & Pastors, need to be careful sometimes your experience might go wrong with the current generation.

This generation is faster as technology and same time holy spirit is faster than all these technologies,

He is ready for genius and right heart, quickens and move.

What I just mentioned might sound not great or may sound wrong.

Remember that, it is good to be submissive under a leaders or pastors but it’s the responsibility of leaders or pastors to guide line a person according to their call but not impose their plans and experience on them, which may lead to wrong door and also lead curse upon both.

I dare to write this because I have been seeing people going back to their world leaving Gods plan.

Majority we could see this in today’s church itself.The time is over now, no more imposing your experience on someone who is willing to do God’s work, but rather ask Holy Spirit to guide you to build a right discipleship



Young people always want to be fast and super fast like flash, finish it

Word of God says it has a process to build & come under your call like Jesus did too,

The purpose for you has been already established before the foundation of this earth. (EPS 1:4)

You need to be submissive (to God First & elder of the church- Heb 13:17) and find a right spirit filled church who can build you, well guide.

When you are under the right fellowship your anointing over you will increase.

Get under the influence of Word of God & Holy Spirit

Keep renewing your mind & seeking things from above,(Romans 12:2) take whats right and leave whats wrong,

Keep your prayer life hot always and overflow of your cup, walk in spirit and truth (John 4:24)

Be patience and faithful

keep checking your spiritual health (Galatians 5;16-26),

keep always your armor up (Eps 6:10-18) and be ready for battle anytime.

Be prepare and don’t lose yourself

Remember God is ahead of you who never sleeps or slumbers

Will come back with more,




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God, promised Abraham that he will make him a great nation and will bless him and he will be a blessing to others (Gen 12:2), and become father of many nations (Gen 17:4)

A Nation? What is this nation God is speaking about?.
Is it only Land of riches or an expansion plan of God’s people?


He is trying to unveil something that we are not able to figure it out.
The word “Nation” is derived from a Hebrew word  “Gowy” it refers to Body of a Person, and “Nations” refer to the corporate body of people, meaning many people in one.

When I was deeply started thinking about this “Nation”, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and when he reveals this revelation to me I see the love of God is so genuine and amazing.

Father the God loves to speak about his son in everything that he performs. A Nation is not about land or riches, but it is an indication of Jesus will arrive into this world
An explanatory below, A Nation is

  1. A blessing to you and will be blessing to all ( Malachi 3:11)/Gen 12:2) in Jesus
  2.  A remnant for your sins (work of the Cross) or A body is prepared or word is going become flesh, or God to come into flesh form.
  3. Preparing a ground for his coming ( Joel 2:28)
  4. Refer to body of Christ with all different functions in it together ( Roman 12:4)
  5. Refer to church, as one in Christ (Revelation 2/ Acts)

    God, is so ready to reveal his plan to us because we are destined to become a great and mighty nation in one body of Jesus Christ, God began his fulfillment through the promises he made to Abraham.
    Today it’s about Jesus and us as his church

Dear People,

God loves us so much he sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus. His love is unending and so faithful.

  • It’s through Jesus we can know the father’s love. John 14:7
  • It’s through Jesus, we can realize the great Nation forming
  • It’s through Jesus, we are saved
  • It’s only through Jesus all things are possible



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Today Christians are most dependent on the word of a prophet & would be interested in calling a prophet.

I’m not against the call of the prophet, but help you to show the current status of the world.

People have forgotten Jesus, but remember the words of the prophet, they forgot the word of God, but remember the speech of a prophet Because he would speak the desire of your heart to be fulfilled.

Writing this blog, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me because I cannot mess with word of God, (Deu 4:2) Or misinterpret it, for every word counts in the kingdom of God that I speak and compose.

With careful observation and study, I would like to share some of the grandness of the Prophet and calling of the Prophet.  God Brought in prophets in the ancient time or old testament, to become his spokesman person on behalf of him, and share his love to his people (Amos 3:7)and Num 12. And they were ministering under law, priests, kings.

Moving to the times of Jesus and later. The call of Prophet changed in the office for church and Gift for everyone under the supervision of the Holy Spirit and ministering under Grace and five fold ministries.Hence we can barely see prophets in the new testament because of it all about church now.

A function of a prophet in the new age is to be a watchman for the church and keep the fire burning in the church, Deu 18:18 – God fills his mouth with his word, he shall only speak God’s word.

God speaks prophets through vision & dreams-Num 12:6. When God called me to the ministry of Visions and Dreams, with his will purpose of Luke 4:18, that was the time I realized the call of A Prophet and his function through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.

When I moved through this process and corrections, holy spirit revealed me many things which I experienced & cannot be explained.

Allow me to share some of my experience in ministry of Prophecy, Worship (Pastor)
The determination of this Gift and calling is to encourage the church 1 Corinthian 12:7.To edify, exhort, comfort the people of the church not only with word of knowledge or wisdom but with gifts of the spirit, like speaking in tongues which will lead to the Kingdom of God,
• Prophets is God gift to church (Eps 4:11), and they are called by God, only him
• Prophets Equip the church by imparting the Gifts of Holy Spirit 1Ti 4:14
• Prophets Reveal the plan of God

The most important thing that I started through a series of changes
• My heart towards Jesus, forever
• My attention to the word of God day and night, helped me unveil the mysteries
• Focus on Jesus and his kingdom coming
• Turned my life to live a holy spirit, removing my unwanted life style.
• He teaches me holiness and righteousness
• He talks through his word and message to the people around

I’m Still in the process of changing many things and the most significant thing he showed is bible a living, prophecy for a lifetime, it has every solution in it and way for redemption and freedom, and continuing my journey with Jesus and his words.

The word started filling my heart and prayer started being my lifestyle, Worshiping God that’s what I am living for and created for.
He keeps filling me with his word every day, not a day he hands it turned from me.
He keeps talking to me in visions and dreams,
He anoints me every day with new oil over me.

Under this calling and anointing, I would like to keep you warned of certain details
• Don’t fall under the false prophecy
• Ready your bible to validate the prophecy
• Look into the life style of the prophet, A clean vessel
• A prophet speaks about Jesus and sanctity

My Dear People, we are in the days of Joel 2:28, his anointing and Spirit of Jesus will pour on everyone and you shall be used for his kingdom, entirely when you believe and receive in faith.

Don’t go after false satisfying words, run after the true living word of Jesus, and he has given us a helper (Holy Spirit) and direction (Bible),


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