One of the Best testimonies

When I was at Hyderabad, for some time on an official Transfer,

I rented house near my company, use to stay alone, then one day I met a man, he asked me do you stay, here in this same building. I hear every evening that you sing and pray,

I said yes!,  and he said I work here in this same building, I take care of this building security, again I said yes and left to office,

The same day evening I was praying and worshiping, playing on my guitar, suddenly someone knocked at my door with loud bang.

I opened the door, I see this same man I mat morning, he was full drunk, and holding a plate with food,

The first word come out his mouth “Son I have brought food for you” and I want to speak to you for some time.

I was little hesitant, since he was full drunk and he was sounding horrible, somehow managed and welcomed him inside my house.

Then he began talking to me.

“You know son” who I am “, I said no.

He said: I am criminal; I have done some many wrong things in my life. I have to leave my city and come here to survive, so that I can start over again, but I don’t have any peace of mind. But I see peace in you and I have come here to share some of my personal information about my life, if you don’t mind,

I said, okay please go ahead,

Then he said: I am rapist and murderer , I have made many half murders, I had been jailed for many time and I have cases on me running around in Indian courts, and I have made debts of money everywhere.. Then he removed his shirt he showed marked on his entire body,

I got scared looking at his mark over his body many stitches and cut.

Then he said I have never spoken to anyone about this, he cried to me. Then pacified him,

I said him, don’t worry. God will take care of you. I shall pray for you. Just put your trust in god, trust in Jesus, I prayed he left that evening back peacefully. And the days I stayed there he took care of me like son, he when I was leaving back to Bangalore; he said he would never forget me. For the great peace has give to him,

Friends you need understand, how god works in his mysterious ways and he gives new experience you would never imagine

That day I felt, god has been with me each every time, showing new world spiritual strength,


One thought on “One of the Best testimonies

  1. Aneel says:

    very nice one, Enoch…… behaved very well…….and gave your best under trying circumstances………:)

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