Sacrifice-Part 1

Dear Friends,

These days I was going through meditation about Sacrifices made in history of mankind.

If you really go understanding the human civilization sacrifices made like, human, animal, play a vital role. In every culture and every part of the world sacrifices has been performed.

When I read the rituals and why these sacrifices had been made, end of the day. It nothing but to thank god, redemption from their sin and want to stay pure and holy in sight of their gods, and betterment of their living life and generation.

TAKEN FROM AZTEC CIVILIZATION “Life is because of the gods; with their sacrifice they gave us life…. They produce our sustenance… which nourishes life”

So what is sacrifice about, why is it so much important to understand?

Even when go through bible. We can find the sacrifices ritual performed right from the beginning, of the world.

Bible says Obedience is better that sacrifice, 1 Samuel 15:22 Sacrifice, in the Bible, is not just giving up something you have. Word “sacrifice” comes from the Latin for “that which makes holy.”Sacrifice is actually a symbol of holiness rather than punishment when we sin; we are not reconciled to God through punishment, but by repenting and living a good life

I am going to put little spot light on sacrifice made in bible not in depth, just a outline on this topic’

Let us go to Old Testament, to New Testament what sacrifices has made and why

God required animal sacrifices to provide a temporary covering of sins. (Hebrews 9:22) Animal sacrifices were commanded by God so that the individual could experience forgiveness of sin. The animal served as a substitute—that is, the animal died in place of the sinner, but only temporarily, which is why the sacrifices needed to be offered over and over.

This came to an end at Jesus where Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrificial substitute once for all time (Hebrews 7:27) and is now the only mediator between God and humanity (1 Timothy 2:5).

But if we look at the history of bible many sacrifices made like

  • Jephthah Burns His Daughter- (Judges 11:29-40)
  • Josiah and Human Sacrifice -(2 Kings 23:20-25)


Will continue on sacrifice next blog part

Be Blessed





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