Today , I am writing this blog on a real time example that took place recently, how true is bible and Jesus teachings.

Bible Tells, in Matthew 5:44 “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”

Now loving your enemy and forgive , pray. Oh! That would be such a difficult task for us , isn’t it.

Now I am going to tell you a Real Story about my own experience,

Several years ago, had friend of mine my favorite, close one but due unmatchable situations we have to end in very bad situation,

Just hating each other to the core and we got departed, never looked back.

After few year later, when I realized that I might be gone somewhere wrong , or equally both ,reason for departation.

And also realized, what bible says about loving ,forgiving, praying your enemies or simple the person you hate.

I started repenting in prayers “that Lord I might be wrong , for being so bad to that person , please forgive me”

As my prayers went on ,”Lord Speaks to me about “ FORGIVENESS .PRAYER LOVING”

Then i continued praying about that person for several year, But some time later when heard that person Blessed with something i was praying about has come true, in that person’s life.

I was filled tears and joy. That my prayer has been answered after such long time.

People God honors  when you are praying(Loving/Forgiveness) about your enemies, the movement you forgive the person that you hate, (he/she may forgive or not forgive you ) god forgive us you when look at him with your true heart, towards him

What a joy today, that when we love pray forgive our enemies.

Every Word of god is true, it is alive in words that’s from god, all you have to do is believe and implement in your life.

Be Blessed!




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