Something interesting about Judas

There is something interesting about Judas, one of the disciples of Jesus.

If you carefully study, he was one of the person who was with Jesus, “how lucky to be with Jesus’.

He experienced every minute with Jesus and seen Jesus performing miracles and healing, study ministry.

He walked along with Jesus BUT, even after being so close encounters with god and along Jesus ministry and witnessed for everything that Jesus has done to fulfill fathers work, he turned against jesus. Betrayed for love, affections, compansion, friendship, father ships that jesus showed towards him.

Point is that we need to understand, same as Judas, the world walks with you. shoulder to shoulder, giving you every materialist happiness, you can lead, but one day the same world will turn against you, where you will be left all alone broken shattered into pieces. Nowhere to run , no peace ,no lands for men,

All is only remains till end is,

“The love of father- who love us so much he gave his only son for us”

“The love of Jesus who shed his blood on the cross for our sins and paid a hugh price so that we may live eternal life.”

“The love of Holy spirit who is there since being of the world , guiding us in every situation of our life , of our living, connecting us every day with god, take every task on behalf us to father.

Friends get connected to god every day, seek his face. Bible says “he is beginning and the end”

Be Blessed,



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