Pursuing,-Part One-

Dear Friends,

We come across many things in our daily activities, like our office work, home work and importantly connecting with god every day.

And out of all this we can only do is pursue and receive that is required to ourselves, mainly gods will and wish for the day over your living life that he has designed for you.

Now let us understand the importance of pursuing.

What bible says about pursuing, how to pursue about your life that god has designed for you.

When you start experiencing god in your life, you will start pursuing new things in your spiritual life,

It’s a love relationship that god pursues with you. God’s love is so unconditional that cannot be measured, he pursues you with never ending love, even when you are still sinful, unfaithful. When you establish this love relationship with god you will start receiving his will over your life. When we refer the life of Abraham, he experienced god’s love and faithfulness and he pursued god’s will in his life,

When love is established with god you will also start pursuing the wisdom from god, this is how you understand the vision and will of god over your life

Wisdom and word that you pursue will lead to pursue holiness from god in your spiritual life and growth

Holiness is nothing to clean up unwanted thing in your life, and new discipline that’s what 1 peter chapter one says, “Be holy, for I am holy.” Holiness is nothing but sin free life and freedom, purity

God want us to be holy, because he is holy if we are not holy, i.e sinful life it means we are destroyed by it that’s what bible says in, Roman 6:23, “wages of sin is death”

To keep this discipline in our spiritual life , holy spirit he will guide us,he is the greatest gift that Jesus gave us when he was back to father the god.

That’s how god power starts demonstrating over your life and you will witness his love, faithfulness, righteousness and his will over your life,

Let us pursue god’s love, will, vision,

I am not yet over, —–

Will be continued…

Be blessed



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