Simple to win over this earth is simply pray

Prayer of Jabez.

This man actually thought us how to prayer … with full authority and faith in god we have. Declaring of what he wants,

The powerful prayer that ever witnessed of simply been blessed by god completely. He did not do something that amazed people, all he did is simply prayed. Since his mother bore him with great pain he was named pain. Jabez’s name in Hebrew means “pain”; she ensured that he will not forget the pain she bore him,

Every one today we undergo pain and difficulties in life but what does we do to get redeemed out of all this pain,

Simple secret is PRAYER. PRAYER PRAYER.

Jabez’s pray for the point below.

1 Chronicles 4:10—

Jabez’s cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

  • God would bless him
  • God would enlarge his territory
  • God’s hand would be upon him.
  • God would keep him from evil

And all this has been approved by god, now why god approved all this with this simple prayer jabez made.

Very interesting isn’t it. Often we keep praying but end up nothing.

I would like to remind you all about what bible says, seek the kingdom and all things shall be added and ask in name of JESUS you shall receive, and god shall be pleased through his son JESUS.

Now Jabez was doing something amazing act which is simple and powerful tool of pleasing god.

Praying for your own goodness is good. But if you want to be smarter than other or spend great wealth for yourself. Want more talent than other, I don’t think so you prayer would be answered .And this is common disease that people look for in the presence of god,

Jabez was praying to bless so that he bless others, he also prays to increase in his territory that mean he was thinking about othesr welfare and prosperity, jabez had passion to serve

And jabez prays about  gods hand upon him , I am so much love with this man in his simple tool he used is prayer, and so much of revelation , he prayed that god to have his hand upon him because this things he is asking is not simple but it can be possible only when god hands is upon him.

In the same way, it’s very important that god’s hands should be upon us, this moment “”Close your eyes and pray lord let you hands be upon me,”

Finally Jazez pray about to keep him away from evil /harm so that he might not be in pain he wanted to be blessed and protected and sin free.

Same way even JESUS teaches us how to pray in Matthew 6:13 lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.Sin causes pain, worry, no peace of mind. No vision, but here is our lord who can deliver us from all our sin and already we have redeemed from sin over cross and blood of Jesus.

All we have to believe, trust, faith and simply prayer to bring the enemy down

This simple prayer of Jabez has been answered, is because he had passion to serve god and in love with

Are we today with that same passion in this crude world we live?

Be blessed.



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