Spiritual Key Elements

Spiritual element:

One of the important spiritual elements, that most of us face in spiritual growth are.

  1. So much hunger to serve god ready to do anything.
  2. Inspired from all the man of god and life style, try to replicate in our life.
  3. Willingness to big time ministry, that is noticeable to all.

This above statements looks like little not relative type, but this is the fact that every person faces in the spiritual growth.

This morning when I was asking spirit of god teach me something new today, god gave me this secret that I would like to share with you all

We are so much hunger and fire in Christ, zeal to do something for the kingdom of god ,in this zeal n fire that we carry, we miss out so many importance of spiritual growth element that has to be understood and followed under the will of god.

We often change our life style and get inspired, from all the men of god, we just replicate and implement in our life and we miss again the important element of spiritual growth. We start walking and speaking every act is draws from them.

Most important spiritual growth element that we miss. Willing to do big time ministries, before god calls you for reason and purpose that he want to assign you, but it is also important that we should understand the will and purpose that god has for us,

Correct me if, I am wrong.

When you quickly run thru the scripture I found an amazing fact.

Nehemiah: Rich man but god loving person, he was enjoying all the favor, blessing of god, seeking his face every day. HIs greatest assignment build the city of Jerusalem, so that one day Jesus come to this city,

Hannah: Simple person enjoy god’s blessing and presence, blessing, his favor, but final she changed history her assignment. She gave us greatest prophet all the time.

Barnabas: One of the best teacher at Acts time, simple man, but he changed many people life and encouraged prepared them for god’s will,

These are few examples,

Do not do something that is not under the will of god.

It’s important that we need understand our purpose that god has brought you on the earth, I believe that we need to wait for the right time to change history that god has assigned for you, until that enjoy his favor , presence , walking with him, his fullness

Be Bless




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