How prayer can help others

Friend’s greetings in name of our lord Jesus,

Many time we come across situations, where we are helpless, hopeless, very defeating and cornered from all angles.

We also come across people who are hanging around in same situation, don’t know how to go about their lives, just defeated and helpless, most of them ended up saying

“Lord I want to die, I cannot bear this anymore, why am i living in this world, nothing is working for me, unlucky” so on.

How can we help them, what bible says us to do.

Let us study on the life of Paul,   2 Corinthian 1:8-11

Paul’s situation in short,

He was undergoing very bad situation during his journey toward Asia, undergoing very tremendous pressure of his life time, that he cannot explain it’s beyond his ability , his desperation increases, he refers to death sentence, very similar to helpless and everything is gone out his hands. Then he speaks to Corinthians to help him with prayers and keep praying n praying, they came together in unity prayed, God saved Paul and they gave god thanks giving for what god has done.

God saved Paul, when he was helpless, all came together in prayers for Paul and then god’s name was glorified.

Friends same situations we find today everywhere, men of god and people stand under influence of tremendous pressure and cannot do anything, when you come across this situations, start praying over their lives and god will hear our prayers ,answers us and in the end god’s name will be glorified with thank giving. That why Paul mentioned “this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead”,

Let us become god depended people today, god who saved us, who care for us, who made us out of his love,

He is same yesterday today and forever.




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