2015, “New Incoming and Missions will be set to every individuals from God”

2015, “New Incoming and Missions will be set to every individuals from God”

2014 , has been a amazing year that how God has taken us to next level, how families, churches started building on call and vision, I am so thankful to God for goodness and mercy that enable us for preparation for next year of new venture with him.

2015 would be the year of new incoming from god, especially for churches, family and all the leaders around the world who is serving God for what they are called for.

I want to share what God has been speaking to me for 2015, as we entering New Year, so that we are prepared for new venture that God’s going to put in our heart

When we read book of Act 16:1-15, this is what God gave to me when I’ was praying in his presence about what would be next and how we can go about as church , families, calling for ministry, as pastor as leader, as prayer warrior,

If we carefully meditate the words, I found very importing part that how God’s going to use us and new doors that is going to open

  • Spirit of Unity
  • Focus
  • New Vision
  • New Ventures
  • Conquerors and victorious

This are few things Holy Spirit God has revealed me in prayers which i’ am going to share now for 2015,


2015, would year of unity where all broken heart will join hands in one accord, where two or three gather in my name I’ will be right there, i.e two and three gather in unity, God loves to dwell in that place and we can see wonders happening.

In one mindset, this year spirit of unity if going to be poured all churches and leaders and family and all ministries, to build the kingdom of God and prepare for second coming of Jesus Christ,

Start praying unity.


2015, its going to be a year of focus (Worship), time to spend in worshiping God, the only focus we should have.

Spirit of worship is going to be poured more and more on every one, whatever may be the situations or circumstances, God would be first priority in everything, which is going to increase your faith in God, your intimacy with God would be your strength this coming year



2015, is the year of new vision, God’s going to put new vision in your hearts, new callings, new directions, the vision would be for churches specially ,Pastors and leaders.

It’s going to be new calling year for leaders and would be released with new vision to build his kingdom, I believe that heaven is going to come down to fulfill this vision that is put in each heart and churches specially, bible says that will would be done as it done in heaven

Start praying for vision that God has planed and going to put in your heart.


2015, its going to be a new ventures for churches, all shut doors is going to be opened, for the pastors and leaders, most of would be traveling to different nations for particular missions that god will assign them, for families amazing blessing and new relationships will begin, keep praying he will guide you


2015, would the year of Conquerors and victorious, all chain/Bondage, health finance issues and demons activities against you will be broken, people who are suffering from long time, also for churches and leaders, pastor who have been suffering from undeserved problems, would be broken in name of Jesus, overall we are going to be victorious in every area that we have been blocked or not seen any success, keep praying

Dear people,

God has amazing plans for everyone, he has purpose for you today that is the reason we are here in this world, he loves you all, he is God who never forgets and forsakes

Let 2015, be blessed year for all you, wishing you all a very happy new year,

Please write your prayer request to enochls@live.com, would like to pray for you. Thank you




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