Nation God will build

A perfect nation is built, when leaders are ready to take their place, I believe Exodus days are coming back, to rebuild the nation

The only difference is its not man who will choose leaders.Its gonna be God himself will choose leaders

For wolves are already inside , with their plans wearing mask of Shepard, that begins right inside  the churches

-Churches started more focusing on financial strategies than God’s word
-Churches started getting deceived by Satan without proper decernment of holy spirit

This are few,

Do not fall in fancy look of what we see in church today.
Look at the presence and word of God that church feeds , that leads us to heaven and to build God’s nations

Time has come now to build a nation that belongs to God.

Be warned for enemy is out their waiting for you in different form,
Even iseralites got deceived themselves during days of Moses, by building idol’s,
That’s how today you will never come to know when are you in, beware

Keep praying and keep meditating his word.



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