David’s heart for generation to generation

God spoke to me today, through his words

Psalms 71:18 “So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come”

David looks up to God and his prayer is very simple.He pleads God to give him strength so that he can proclaim his name from one generation to generation and also never to forsake him and let not take away his presence even in his old age.

What a heart David carries, if we carefully analyse this verse, it also speaks about the problems we face.

Everybody who walks in spiritual realm will face struggles, which can deviate our call that we have called for. That deviation is nothing but the plan of the devil.

During this time of struggles and pain, devil brings us to a situation where you and i can find ourselves  ending up grieving Holy Spirit. That’s why David prays to God “O God, do not forsake me”.

David is known for his songs and worship, precisely speaking he is known as a man who is after God’s own heart. The culture of worship which stared in his generation is very evident until this generation.

Now speaking about our generations we are missing Davids.(true worshipers)

David requests God to give him strength such that he can proclaim his name from generation to generation, and they shall come to God to worship him.

Today, rather than worshiping the lord in spirit and in truth, people are seeking him in dark rooms with spot lights on them.

Focus my friends!!!! It’s all stage performance.

Listen, David cried unto God, even in his old age he shall proclaim the goodness of God.

Where are those Davids today? where is that generation today?

Churches have become a very commercial place today, where you can find vegetable seller, in the name of the Lord. Remember what Jesus did, when he saw the temple this way,

People are looking out for names.It has become an employment office for the unemployed people.

OH you Generation, as we know that we are prophesied generation, as mentioned in Timothy, what are you after today, name or God

Where is your heart for the coming generation?

Where is your heart that David left behind for you and me, to proclaim his name?

Are you preparing yourself for next generation to continue building his kingdom?

Come let’s pray together in one accord and one vision of building his kingdom, and also let us carry heart of David to build the next generation, prepare them for his coming.

Blessings.  Enoch


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