Caleb, one of the reporters who gave an amazing report where others were not able to see and give.He saw in supernatural what God is going to give, and he was man who whole heartedly followed God, who saw miracle of God in his life

When we read Numbers 13:30-32 Caleb viewed the situation through the perspective of what God said. And he was ready, willing, able to put action to his faith in God; not only speak the truth, but do it. He speaks to Moses, to take up and possess the land, where as other called him fool but he made courage to stand in truth

How can we see what Caleb saw?
Today when I was praying and seeking God asking sight of Caleb and when I was meditating on number 13 and was trying to understand the characters of Celeb, the one who saw supernatural of what God is doing.

Few characters I found and I believe spirit of God helped me to understand how to see supernatural

To see like Caleb we need to have characters like

  • A quite discerning leader- Spirit of Discernment
  • Courage to stand in truth
  • Draw Strength from the holy spirit and Anointing
  • Awareness (i.e. know the word of God)
  • Faith in God without any doubt
  • Believing in God whole heartedly

Remember when you walk in this spirit in the Kingdom of God, you will establish blessings that will remain as long we are on the earth



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