Dear Friends,

We are so busy in our day-to-day activities we often forget to pray or miss our prayers the way we use to pray earlier .

I would like to share you all few views about prayer  so that you can testify what is your prayer life today?


  • Prepare to enter into his presence
  • Examine your sins and mistakes then wash away with the blood of Jesus
  • Take in the word of God and bring into action
  • Come together with holy spirit closer than in front and ask his guidance with anointing upon your life you are called for
  • Finally, see our God holy of holies , enjoy his fellowship completely


  • Clarity about the purpose you are here for
  • Vision you have to look at
  • Call you are called for
  • Directions that God desires to take you.

It’s the same way what God spoke to Moses to build the tabernacle-the temple of God.

Today you are in the era of the holy spirit , you are the temple of God, where the spirit of God would like to reside in you. So what is your prayer life today?

Apologies if any typo or sentence error

Blessing Ps. Enoch


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