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Well  Friends and Readers,

For many are called few are chosen Matthew 20:16.Today one of the greatest challenges we face in churches is growth and no increase of crowd.

God has called many people to plant churches but most of them failed to increase souls in the church even after they have been walking with God for many years and also being in the ministries with good experience and still a failure.

Now the question is why?

The problem is not with the place you are planting the church nor the environment you are living or you don’t have talented people around, you may still fail with talented people around you.

The problem is with you first and God’s will on you, a vision that was placed upon you.

Example, if you are called Pastor of the church with a vision of evangelism and ministry of evangelism, you need to ensure you are following the instructions from God properly and function under that anointing and circle that God will provide.

You will also move in the Gifts, like example most modern preachers like to move in Prophetic and good that God is using them in the Gift of prophecy, but you still remain in your calling and functionalities you are called for.

This is how it has to be.

But most of the leaders & Pastors we find they diversify their callings and start moving according to waves they feel good which is not good sign of healthy spiritual walk and will end up sinning against God and will move away from the vision & in sight of God,

There will be tremendous demonic attack over them that will bring them down or destroy them.

For a church where there is no proper alignment of God’s call, it shall not see the fruit s of the spirit and also no increase of crowd.

Leaders and Pastors of the church It time for RESTRUCTURE DNA OF YOUR CALLING

Mark 8: 34:- He called people to himself, that means God only calls your calling not men.Then Desire to seek God and his will. Going forward the first thing that you have to do is deny yourself i.e cut all the sinful nature & be focused on God’s Will.Then be ready to live for Christ ( Christ lifestyle) and preach the Gospel, no matter what people around you say. In the end, it’s all about Christ Jesus who will come in glory one day at his return

Let us stop focusing that is not in the will of God, our focus should be Jesus nothing apart from it.

Keep Praying will be back with more.



Walk With Me!

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My dear friends,

Greet you all back with something fresh today.

Believing this open blog would reach your hearts and convey a new change in your life.

Matthew 12:38-42,
The bible talks about a category of people, a generation who are considerably known for all the physical understanding of everything that is available on this earth, studied & scholar in the fields they have expertise but yet they are not satisfied and look for more.

Currently, Technology and digitization are so readily available with data stored from past to present and predicted scientific theory for the future, but again yet looking out for more evidence and practical operation.

We are left only a few men of God/ teachers on this earth who are really going for the purpose they are called and fully putting their efforts to reach the truth to the world

In my teaching experience, I have come across many disappointed areas like people would hardly appreciate you, they would even shoot down your teaching by their words, exceptionally with few corrective suggestions to improve your teaching & by sight (That powerful look at you when you are on the stage set to deliver your message to the world) And even mocking at your words that you have struggled day and night to reach the truth to people, and the best part backbiting, gossips about your teaching, I am sharing this because God taught me in his ways how to overcome all this and move further in his will & purpose accordingly, no personal hurt but a process I have ascertained to do my calling come true in his will and over a period of time, God granted me the power to overcome such things and move in the Spirit & truth.

Getting back to the point, in Matthew 12:38-42, the word of God Speak about people who have all knowledge, including believers and leaders who pretend they know everything but never fall under the will of God’s work and also make a choice of their own & bring a new theory or doctrine.

This kind of people are called Evil, Adulterous (Meaning involved in putting forward questions about God’s will and various activities), they seek for signs that is something more than beyond their eyes could see and also it says a Queen will rise along with this generation who will test the wisdom of God (Queen Sheba in the times of Solomon), meaning many leadership will rise to question against the word of God and also people who are working to the will of God.

Today teaching has just become a material for most of the people to keep registered in the paper & sell it away.The voice of truth in Christian churches and leaders, believers are slowly fading away, because of so many doctrines in this universe are given birth.

A true teaching will not get appreciation from anyone but will generate a reward of the transformation of life in others.We need Voices for God’s word and preached his good news & that’s why we have comforter and guide who God send from heaven and who is from the origin of this world and will be there until the end of this world, None other than Sweet HOLY SPIRIT, my only inspiration to compose these words without any fear.

Utilize your social media to transform someone’s life to God, but not to have fame or become famous.

Be a Good Teacher, it’s the call for everyone to preach the Good News about Jesus Luke 4:18

Be very blessed and will be back with more, write to me at /
Walk With Me!-Ps.Enoch


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Dear Friends & Reader,

We are living in days of “Repent for the Kingdom of God is near”, it’s time we understand our role & responsibilities as children of God.

We often keep forgetting about what we are & get lost in this worldly lights of Christianity. Forgive me! I’m not against anyone but bringing few thoughts to your remembrance about what word of God says concerning your very existence and purpose on this earth.

Word of God says -Renew your mind & walk worthy of your calling & count church worthy in the Kingdom of God.

We often keep searching God and his Voice OR most of them want to see God Face to Face.

In this search, we have forgotten to do his work & purpose.Psalms 19:2 says utter his word in the morning and you will find knowledge in the night also he will instruct his ways in the night thought dreams. (Ps 16:7)

FACE TO FACE: Concerning seeing God F2F Psalms 17:15, when you read his word every day & walk in his righteousness with faith, that’s where you are already F2F with GOD, the word was in the beginning & word was with God & word was God (John 1:1)

HEARING VOICE: When we start meditating his word day and night,  that’s where you are listening to his voice, every word in the bible is perfect to convince the souls, his words are pure and enlightening the eyes (Ps 19:8)

ANOINTED & APPOINTED: When God has appointed or called/placed a responsible Ministers (apostles, prophets, teachers, Pastors, Leaders) over the church. It carries a greater responsibly on the shoulders of each one of them.

It’s important we have to be presentable, diligent to God’s approval, not be ashamed to speak about his love and goodness also very importantly giving or rightly dividing the word of truth with help of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 12:28, 2 Tim 2:15).

We are anointed to preach the word of GOD and every word of GOD is perfect to convince & Convert, refresh the lost souls, even make a simple person wise.

Preaching means not to prophesy or best sermon but to be ready in season and out of season Convince, rebuke, exhort with all patience and teaching about his love & word that he gives us to speak.

Because we are the season of not sound doctrines, prophesy & word has become their own desire which is of the flesh.

It’s time to be careful watch full in all things and start work of an evangelist & fulfill all ministry that GOD has given to church in this time of season

(Luke 4:18, 1 Timothy 4:1-5, Psalms 19:7, Romans 12:2 Eps 4:1-2 , 2 Th 1:5)


Time to move ahead to build his kingdom,


Ps: Enoch


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