Dispiritedness – Don’t let others bad behavior to steal your Joy

Dear Friends,

Our God is Prince of peace and love.

Here I am with few encouraging words for you all those who are called to build kingdom of God.

Many times as a Christian our beginning are not well and good, we live through a very rough time or we come under the influence of Dispiritedness which includes discouragement , rejections, undeserved corrections, disappointment, hurts, sadness, something which deals with pain, left out kind of situations, loneliness.

We deal with this area every day in our daily life , most of the time we continue carrying this along with us and try to handle it our own.

Today, we need to understand some basic things about you and yourself, meaning your relationship with you.  Oh!! I trust I am rightly talking now!! Will come again in later part of this open discussion

Who you are, Word of God says,that you are the Image of God, (Genesis 1:27) and to spoil this image Devil would put full efforts to fetch it down.

Dispiritedness (Rejections, discouragements) has been a devil’s biggest weapon to draw down the image of God, pull down the growing Christians, pastors, leaders. believers.

Hope you all getting to the point 🙂 , Devil always ready to steal your Joy by hurting you while when you are growing stronger in the lord, serving his purpose, so delighted in his presence, he hates to see you happy.

All leaders,Pastors and believers, go through this phase, the questions is how can we overcome this Dispiritedness.

We necessitate to understand something important before drawing to a conclusion, most of the time people are hurting you because they are in hurt themselves or they are going through some rough time in their own life, we often forget to view it these ways.

When those rejections come upon you, we fail to face it because we don’t like someone talking not good about you or corrections coming again and once more when you are trying hard to come up with better things,

We fail to deal with problems or it all depend’s how you deal with problems, along with your response toward it.

When Dispiritedness fall upon you, most of us carry it deeper for long time and become so atrocious that you starting avoiding right things that was suppose you to be followed.

It gets so intense that you tend to take a step back from your responsibility, call of your ministry or start avoiding the person who brought Dispiritedness on you.

There is a catch here, you necessitate to understand this is where the door of darkness opens into your life such that you keep yourself away from God.

You give way to disappointment, broken spirit, anger, hatred, un-forgiveness, hurt, loneliness, where the bible talks about just opposite to these like love, patience, strong courageous,boldness so on. And you end up with deep rejections roots into your lifetime.

Getting back to what scripture talks about you, who you are.

It says, you are the chosen one before foundation, you are adopted son and daughter of god, holy blameless, (Eps 1:4, 5),

That what you are, you are beloved to God, who had accepted it already.

To come out of the area of rejections and Dispiritedness few actions we have to realize.

  • If somebody has hurt you, forgive them, that brings you deliverance
  • Pray for them Romans 12:14
  • Don’t be angry, rejoice be glad be courageous,
  • Praise the lord, Humble and be wise
  • Don’t be stuck back in the same situation by keeping all old rejections in minds.
  • Don’t worry about what other are telling you, when you know that Christ is in you. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Unless it’s really a corrective action and need to enhance growth of your spiritual life.

HOLY SPIRIT is spirit of truth and he will help you not to be deceived from any Dispiritedness

He will help you to renew your heart and mind, for we all know that Christ is hope of Glory and he is in you, his spirit is in us Colossian 3:10:

Remember only truth will set you free bible says “If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”-John 8:31-32

Don’t worry what people talk about you, your focus is Jesus, Luke 10:16/ Luke 20:17 it says when Christ is in you, he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects Him who sent Me and also The stone which the builders refused has become the chief cornerstone

Be of good cheers and courage, my friends for Christ is hope of Glory and he is in you. Be happy about it


Ps: Enoch

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The Word

Greetings Friends ,

So blessed to write this blog, trust it will reach your heart.

We serve a God who is alive among us, not a dead God.Every word he has spoken through bible has come to happen

Word has power (Pro 18:21) It can bring life and death when you speak and delivers us from bondages , bring joy, serenity ,good health to your body , life ,produce good things,breaks the power of darkness (Luke 6:45,Pro 16:24,Pro 15:4,Jeremiah 23:29)

In the beginning, word was with God, Word is God and Jesus is the word.((John 1:1/ 1John 5:7)

Today if we look throughout the integral world, it’s build on the basis of word, communication, relationship, even recognition ,identity.Our enemy has used the very word to manipulate works of God and his plan for us , to pull down and he is busy working on it.

In order to weaken the powers of darkness and plan of satan, It’s important we must be full of God’s word in our life

We much richly dwell in his wisdom and knowledge of word with the aid of the Holy Spirit(Colossians 3:16)

The word of God is the lamp to our feet it gives us light to walk in the right way and when we begin hearing the word in the spirit a new freshness is formed inside us and all flesh related thing will go away, faith increases (Ps 119:105, Rom 10:17)

The word of God will build as strong as tower to remain firm against our enemies, it’s the shield which covers us and show us how to walk in the image of God, along with our prayers

When we hear, meditate and believe the word of God ,we can experience an everlasting life

Jesus is the word and everlasting life, John 5:24

Don’t forget to Pray along with meditation of word



Please share your views and prayer request

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Dear People of God,

In your entire life something that cannot be taken out of you is WORSHIP and worshiping your true living GOD,

Worship is not all about music, singing, instrument, stage performances,

Worship is all about enjoying his presence , everlasting love, feel his touch ,

like dwelling in the secret place of the vineyard, mentioned in Songs of Solomon and Psalms

I have given below meaning of worship that I have experienced in my living life with Jesus Christ and that changed my life and I believe it will also bless you too.


Is to fall on knees in front of creator who created you

Is to bow down in front of living king, who precedes you

Is to humble as a servant in front of Lord the master


Is the living breath of God in you, since the day man received his first breath of him as he was created.


Is the kingdom of God inside you.


Is the temple of God inside you.


Is the stream inside you.


Is the love and passion of God inside you.


Is the word of God inside you.


Is the dwelling place of God, when you praise him.


Is the spirit of God inside you.


Is the preparation of the Jesus coming


Is reason we are called for


Is what the heaven is and is what the angels do


A closer with God


Brings healing, deliverance, victory


Brings blessing over your life


Shows path to your calling


Strengthens your faith


Is the beginning of everlasting life in Christ.


Is the beginning of Knowledge in Christ


Enable the gifts of holy Spirt


Draw close to God


Giving honor and praise


Lives till the last breath of your life.

Be Blessed,




Dear People,

We are so busy in solving our problems and look at others success stories, guiding out with our Jobs so on.

but we forgot that there is a God who can take you out of all this stress and oppressions you go through.

It’s time to get out of the mindset in FEAR, SELF DEPENDENCY, DISCOURAGEMENT, DISAPPOINTMENTS and start walking in SUPERNATURAL.

When you quit from the desires of this world or stop focusing on worldly things ( Colossians 3:2) begin your supernatural walk with your lord who created you for this very reason.

then you will begin your supernatural walk with your lord who created you for this very reason.

It’s the new beginning of your supernatural walk with your lord who created you for this very reason.

Walking in the supernatural is not about to be different from others OR something extra, that would catch the attention of the people close to you.

it’s all about so relationally intertwined / Stay connected with the HOLY SPIRIT  and

  1. Able to move us in the right ways
  2. Able to view through the eyes/Sight of Holy Spirit
  3. Will help us keep sanctified and clean everyday

Without him we cannot see Supernatural.

Stay tuned for more……….





Dear Friends,

We are so busy in our day-to-day activities we often forget to pray or miss our prayers the way we use to pray earlier .

I would like to share you all few views about prayer  so that you can testify what is your prayer life today?


  • Prepare to enter into his presence
  • Examine your sins and mistakes then wash away with the blood of Jesus
  • Take in the word of God and bring into action
  • Come together with holy spirit closer than in front and ask his guidance with anointing upon your life you are called for
  • Finally, see our God holy of holies , enjoy his fellowship completely


  • Clarity about the purpose you are here for
  • Vision you have to look at
  • Call you are called for
  • Directions that God desires to take you.

It’s the same way what God spoke to Moses to build the tabernacle-the temple of God.

Today you are in the era of the holy spirit , you are the temple of God, where the spirit of God would like to reside in you. So what is your prayer life today?

Apologies if any typo or sentence error

Blessing Ps. Enoch


Dear People,

We are in the era of the mind control and most of the time we run through a situation where we don’t take control of our own thoughts, it’s all because Satan blinds the minds of unbeliever furthermore he deceives the minds of believer -2 Corinthians 4:4 & 11:33

Today it’s time to understand and see all how to control our mind and thoughts by bringing under subjection will of God’s mind and his thoughts by seeking his face, thinking of his words, along with the help of Holy Spirit’s discernment.

Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. Colossians 3:16

Let us become rich in his word and truth which will overflow in us furthermore stand stronger from not giving room to sins in our lifetime,

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We enter across many questions when we start reading and meditating word of God.

We have questions about / on our mind like.

  • Reason to read the word of God
  • Why should we read and meditate the word of God
  • Why reading is so important

I would like to share you from my experience what happens when you read the word of God, where it will lead you and also answer the above questions

Reading the word of God will teach you his way , guide you , strengthen you , comfort you , protect you and correct you .

It reminds you that there is a living God, and he will speak through his words likewise it says in.

2 Timothy 3:16 All Scriptures is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

When you start reading the word of God, the first foremost thing that comes inside you is Love of God, let us go to a little detail.


When you start reading the word of God, you will start tasting the Love of God more and more, it brings joy and peace in your first and then same love of God you will start spreading, sharing with others.  God’s love is amazing.


Word of God will help you to identify your infirm points that you are going through and have been struggling with / on long time , God’swords deliver you from all those infirm points and renew you with new strength.

When you read Psalms it talks about God delivering you when you call on his name. Psalms 4:1 -Answer me when I call to you, Psalms 34:17 deliverance and psalms 6:4 unfailing love of God, so many verses in bible talks about deliverance and correction that can change you to a better man and women for the kingdom of God.


Word of God will bring you to a point where you will start worshiping him more than before, your mouth will be filled with his words of praise and worship when you enter in quiet time with God and with thanks giving, your mouth will start singing of his love, you will get fresh songs in your mouth, Psalms 40; 3 say he will put new songs in your mouth.

You become a worshiper, for a very reason God has created you.


Once your start reading God’s word, Holy Spirit begins ministering to you, guiding you, preparing you, your time of prayer automatically increases, you will get new experience in his presence, God will start showing you clear picture and directions for very a purpose he brought you through, until now, and you will also experience different level of anointing each day, your burden for soul’s increases, your hunger for God increases, your hunger for serving him increases.

Finally friends, apologies for any typo error, I am here to share my experience that I went through and still learning from his words

It’s the only word of God that can deliver you, help you to move forward. Spend time time in his word and prayer, you shall see greater days ahead.

Blessings: Ps: Enoch



I will enter his gates with thanks giving and praise

For nations conspire and people plan but leaves all empty and chained again

Here comes my king and his band together to break that was chained again

He takes his place (Throne) and laughs again

I hear the sounds of the chains and shackles falling, making noise again

It’s the enemy who flees again

It’s the enemy who is terrified again

Here comes my king with his mighty anger over my enemy again

He is my king who delivers me when I call

Gives me relief when I am in distress

He hears me when I pray and be gracious

Here I come to serve my king all of my days again and again

Here comes my king.


Pardon typo error,

Written-Enoch L.S


When you are called for the greater purpose in kingdom of God, one of the times you go through is DESERT TIMES, where you are tested to core of your life,

All doors starts shutting up such a way that no way to escape.

Your INNER MAN is fighting a battle to pass through this situation.

I found something here in this process, how do you find peace in this situation.

  • Give up things that God wants you to leave
  • Work out on your low areas
  • Draw more attention to God’s presence and his word

Holy Spirit reminded me something here and constantly he is telling me to read the word of God.

Jesus was called into wilderness and Desert time before he started working on the purpose he was sent on earth. (TOTALLY OUT OF COMFORT ZONE)

In Matthew 4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

The spirit of God led Jesus into the desert, further After he finish fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry The tempter came to him,

When you are going through this DESERT TIME, the enemy will start whispering in your ears, he will start working on your low areas, where he can shake your INNER MAN

Same situation Jesus went through and when he overcame, whole world has seen his purpose and the very reason he came down was fulfilled, where whole humanity was saved from sin through his blood on the cross.

Apart from the purpose he served, if we study his life style after the DESERT TIMES, it’s amazing,

In Hebrews it says Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the wilderness.

Let not give space to rebellious spirit while God is speaking to you through his Spirit

Let us constantly give our attention to God and his word along with spending time with him.

I am writing out of my personal experience today, for those who are in similar situations

Apologies for any typo errors,





Worship is the desire of the soul which focus God alone

When I started reading psalms again, the very first chapter reminded me about the importance of worship as worshiper of God.

Psalms chapter one says blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.

It means when we walk in the ways of God and follow his words is the very first form of worship that we offer in God’s sight.

It not about music and instruments, choir, rock and roll so on.. it’s all about our heart for God that we give and then we become like the tree planted by the stream of waters which will yield fruits in season.

I believe this is the season to yield fruits with great revival harvest, in our cities , nations and individual lives.

When this happens no wicked can touch us for lord watches to over us and all the ways of wicked will be destroyed

It time to grow in word of God and meditate day and night, Let us Worship God all of our life, in spirit and truth John 4:23,We are the living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship to God – Romans 12:1

Apologies for typo errors…

Be blessed,

Ps, Enoch