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God, promised Abraham that he will make him a great nation and will bless him and he will be a blessing to others (Gen 12:2), and become father of many nations (Gen 17:4)

A Nation? What is this nation God is speaking about?.
Is it only Land of riches or an expansion plan of God’s people?


He is trying to unveil something that we are not able to figure it out.
The word “Nation” is derived from a Hebrew word  “Gowy” it refers to Body of a Person, and “Nations” refer to the corporate body of people, meaning many people in one.

When I was deeply started thinking about this “Nation”, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and when he reveals this revelation to me I see the love of God is so genuine and amazing.

Father the God loves to speak about his son in everything that he performs. A Nation is not about land or riches, but it is an indication of Jesus will arrive into this world
An explanatory below, A Nation is

  1. A blessing to you and will be blessing to all ( Malachi 3:11)/Gen 12:2) in Jesus
  2.  A remnant for your sins (work of the Cross) or A body is prepared or word is going become flesh, or God to come into flesh form.
  3. Preparing a ground for his coming ( Joel 2:28)
  4. Refer to body of Christ with all different functions in it together ( Roman 12:4)
  5. Refer to church, as one in Christ (Revelation 2/ Acts)

    God, is so ready to reveal his plan to us because we are destined to become a great and mighty nation in one body of Jesus Christ, God began his fulfillment through the promises he made to Abraham.
    Today it’s about Jesus and us as his church

Dear People,

God loves us so much he sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus. His love is unending and so faithful.

  • It’s through Jesus we can know the father’s love. John 14:7
  • It’s through Jesus, we can realize the great Nation forming
  • It’s through Jesus, we are saved
  • It’s only through Jesus all things are possible



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The very important thing that matters most to God Himself is LOVE.  And the reason that our faith keeps growing in God is LOVE.

# God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides continually in him. There is nothing greater than love of God, in this world that can bring peace in us (1 John 4:16)

When you are gathering for a corporate prayer or church, do not go with an expectation for a miracle & break through, Go with an expectation to fellowship with God, because when you seek God with all your heart you will find him and when you find him all your worries and other problems will vanish away.

Jesus was able to do miracles by only when people believed that he can do, though there was news about his miracles performed, in the end it’s the faith and love that mattered.

Like example women suffered about 12 years from blood issues, her faith and love towards Jesus healed her. (Mark 5:25), even with a touch of cloth.

The secret behind this, God draws you toward him & shows you his love, that’s where you taste more love and faith, Heb 10:22. And when you start experiencing his love, your faith rise up and all your guilt is gone away, Now you will fall in love with God more then before, this is the exact point of fellowship with God, where miracle breaks out in your life.

In the same way, Churches should experience the Love of God, then Gifts. Gifts are given to build the kingdom of God but above all, it is the Love of God, which activates all our gifts. The church is a place where you will prosper and be blessed at the same time it’s very important about our motive and intention you are in the church, whether to serve or to be recognizable to others or pleasing men.

It is saddening to see, that churches are using God for their own benefit but not for the will of his kingdom. They are using Holy Spirit for demonstration, but not to expand his kingdom.

Be careful you will never come to know when the Holy Spirit will leave the church,because without him the church cannot grow, days of Acts cannot come back.

Its time we put aside the worldly plans and set out mind above to his will & renew, be ready to serve real God and his purpose.

The church is the place where God dwells in and let us experience the love of God , keep loving one another with all our heart, like the way Jesus did.

I will be back with more, God Loves you all,

Blessing, Ps Enoch

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