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About Walk With Me! – Glorious 10yrs

Dear Readers & Friends,

Glad that finally, I am introducing WWM.

In the year 2001, God began to minister me about the words from bible and its mysteries in the days back when I was not a perfect man in Christ, I was a just young person seeking love and peace from others, but something kept me alive is writing around the real-time experience.

During that year there was multiple dreams and visions God showed me, but I pushed aside those dreams & visions because lack of guidance and mislead with so many things around. Dreams & Visions has been constantly been part of my life and every time I see Dream or Vision it came to pass till date.

In 2006, God began to work on my life & many things started shifting around me. I was no more a person like before, the tidings of God started becoming so real that I started depending more on God’s word than others.My involvement and work began in D&V, writing and speaking out the mysteries became my lifetime study.

In 2008, Walk with Me! Came alive to reach people help them understand the mysteries of the word and bring the word alive in their spirit and lift up their faith in God.

In 2010, WWM launched media as  Blogging site (personal) and reaching people with a motive to Teach, Reach and Build.

Bible Says, word was in the beginning and will be there, in the end,  it is really important that we need to know the depth of the word and plans of God to establish his kingdom. Word is the key to see God face to face

Today it Glorious 10 years of Walk with Me!

WWM is moving ahead this year reach more nations and people who would like to know God Personally, help people to know about Supernatural Encounters with God and Walk With him in person. Supernatural World is more deals with spending your time with living God

A wholly different environment and Prophetic word directly from God builds His Kingdom in each and every one, according to their call (Remember God only Calls you not people)

WWM was designed to extend to people, make them understand the word of living, supernatural phase with God, how to build his kingdom and increase faith (Because faith comes from word of God) and specifically in the area of Dreams and Visions

Objectives of WWM

  • Reach out, more people assist them to understand the word of God
  • Reach out Nations and get together as one unified people for God
  • Bring in the right practices accordingly with alignment of word of God (Areas Like 1) Worship 2) Preaching word 3) Prophetic 4) Dreams and Vision 5) Supernatural)
  • A Prayer and Word combo intercessor’s with God
  • Prophetic movement & which will unfold the mysteries of the word

When we come together & stand in unity for God’s Kingdom, most importantly in the will of God and anointing of Holy Spirit on us everything is possible.

We are in days of manipulation and false doctrine, let us be alert and go forward.


Walk With Me! ( A Walk With Living God ) – Ps.Enoch

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Today Christians are most dependent on the word of a prophet & would be interested in calling a prophet.

I’m not against the call of the prophet, but help you to show the current status of the world.

People have forgotten Jesus, but remember the words of the prophet, they forgot the word of God, but remember the speech of a prophet Because he would speak the desire of your heart to be fulfilled.

Writing this blog, I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me because I cannot mess with word of God, (Deu 4:2) Or misinterpret it, for every word counts in the kingdom of God that I speak and compose.

With careful observation and study, I would like to share some of the grandness of the Prophet and calling of the Prophet.  God Brought in prophets in the ancient time or old testament, to become his spokesman person on behalf of him, and share his love to his people (Amos 3:7)and Num 12. And they were ministering under law, priests, kings.

Moving to the times of Jesus and later. The call of Prophet changed in the office for church and Gift for everyone under the supervision of the Holy Spirit and ministering under Grace and five fold ministries.Hence we can barely see prophets in the new testament because of it all about church now.

A function of a prophet in the new age is to be a watchman for the church and keep the fire burning in the church, Deu 18:18 – God fills his mouth with his word, he shall only speak God’s word.

God speaks prophets through vision & dreams-Num 12:6. When God called me to the ministry of Visions and Dreams, with his will purpose of Luke 4:18, that was the time I realized the call of A Prophet and his function through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.

When I moved through this process and corrections, holy spirit revealed me many things which I experienced & cannot be explained.

Allow me to share some of my experience in ministry of Prophecy, Worship (Pastor)
The determination of this Gift and calling is to encourage the church 1 Corinthian 12:7.To edify, exhort, comfort the people of the church not only with word of knowledge or wisdom but with gifts of the spirit, like speaking in tongues which will lead to the Kingdom of God,
• Prophets is God gift to church (Eps 4:11), and they are called by God, only him
• Prophets Equip the church by imparting the Gifts of Holy Spirit 1Ti 4:14
• Prophets Reveal the plan of God

The most important thing that I started through a series of changes
• My heart towards Jesus, forever
• My attention to the word of God day and night, helped me unveil the mysteries
• Focus on Jesus and his kingdom coming
• Turned my life to live a holy spirit, removing my unwanted life style.
• He teaches me holiness and righteousness
• He talks through his word and message to the people around

I’m Still in the process of changing many things and the most significant thing he showed is bible a living, prophecy for a lifetime, it has every solution in it and way for redemption and freedom, and continuing my journey with Jesus and his words.

The word started filling my heart and prayer started being my lifestyle, Worshiping God that’s what I am living for and created for.
He keeps filling me with his word every day, not a day he hands it turned from me.
He keeps talking to me in visions and dreams,
He anoints me every day with new oil over me.

Under this calling and anointing, I would like to keep you warned of certain details
• Don’t fall under the false prophecy
• Ready your bible to validate the prophecy
• Look into the life style of the prophet, A clean vessel
• A prophet speaks about Jesus and sanctity

My Dear People, we are in the days of Joel 2:28, his anointing and Spirit of Jesus will pour on everyone and you shall be used for his kingdom, entirely when you believe and receive in faith.

Don’t go after false satisfying words, run after the true living word of Jesus, and he has given us a helper (Holy Spirit) and direction (Bible),


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Dear People of God,

In your entire life something that cannot be taken out of you is WORSHIP and worshiping your true living GOD,

Worship is not all about music, singing, instrument, stage performances,

Worship is all about enjoying his presence , everlasting love, feel his touch ,

like dwelling in the secret place of the vineyard, mentioned in Songs of Solomon and Psalms

I have given below meaning of worship that I have experienced in my living life with Jesus Christ and that changed my life and I believe it will also bless you too.


Is to fall on knees in front of creator who created you

Is to bow down in front of living king, who precedes you

Is to humble as a servant in front of Lord the master


Is the living breath of God in you, since the day man received his first breath of him as he was created.


Is the kingdom of God inside you.


Is the temple of God inside you.


Is the stream inside you.


Is the love and passion of God inside you.


Is the word of God inside you.


Is the dwelling place of God, when you praise him.


Is the spirit of God inside you.


Is the preparation of the Jesus coming


Is reason we are called for


Is what the heaven is and is what the angels do


A closer with God


Brings healing, deliverance, victory


Brings blessing over your life


Shows path to your calling


Strengthens your faith


Is the beginning of everlasting life in Christ.


Is the beginning of Knowledge in Christ


Enable the gifts of holy Spirt


Draw close to God


Giving honor and praise


Lives till the last breath of your life.

Be Blessed,