About me

Pastor. Enoch is based out of India, Bangalore, where he has devoted his practices in various studies about biblical facts about 15 yrs., He has extensive experience in his calling from God in Dreams and Visions, Prophetic Worship, & Word Revelation Studies of End times mysteries.

He has been called the fulfillment life of Isaiah and Daniel over his life. His recent activities include projects like symbol in dreams and Vision, Unlocking the end time mysteries about God’s Coming and let the world know the word of God in depth with help of Holy Spirit.

He is a frequent speaker at Christian community groups and also involves in writing, Music, in specific areas, like historic Biblical studies along with other professional practices, mainly working on dreams & visions as his lifetime study.

He Founded Walk With Me, A Blog channel to reach the unreached people and nations about Jesus, the motive of this blog is to bring in the right practices accordingly with alignment of word of God (Areas Like 1) Worship 2) Preaching word 3) Prophetic 4) Dreams and Vision 5) Supernatural), A Prayer & Word combo intercessors with God ,Prophetic movement & which will unfold the mysteries of the word.

You can reach him on below giving information.

Walk With Me!  (A Walk With Living God)

Email: wwm57@outlook.com


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