My Dreams

This is my story of your wonders Oh! God

This is my life of your love Oh! God

Your love is so unconditional Oh! God

Your love is so unconditional Oh! God

And I will give my life to you Oh! God..




I will enter his gates with thanks giving and praise

For nations conspire and people plan but leaves all empty and chained again

Here comes my king and his band together to break that was chained again

He takes his place (Throne) and laughs again

I hear the sounds of the chains and shackles falling, making noise again

It’s the enemy who flee again

It’s the enemy who is terrified again

Here comes my king with his mighty anger over my enemy again

He is my king who delivers me when I call

Gives me relief when I am in distress

He hears me when I pray and be gracious

Here I come to serve my king all of my days again and again

Here comes my king.



Psalms 23

Sky is the only limit of the earth you describe
It’s the mind of you which reached beyond of what you experience
How beautiful is the endowment of imagination
Imagination that can bring life in reality
A reality that looks fantastic, but that’s where you abide
It’s the strength of the lord that we don’t lack in
It’s the still water of your mind that bring out the way in green pastures
Even in the time of rain fear trembles at its foundations
In the end, it’s the sure goodness will follow you all days of your lifetime


Psalms 25

He lifted me up from very day of my first step out into this world

Oh! That trust he put in me, I lift my soul for trusting him alone

Every time I wonder in this world among unknown enemies the ruler of the air

He lit up a light that becomes my pathway

Path that leads to truth & he teaches me his love,

A day of my salvation & I shall wait for all my days

He forgives my mistakes even when I was young and sharp

He remembered me according to his mercy and loving-kindness

He revives me in his righteousness, uprights me with his face when I walk in his ways

He loves me when I humble at his majesty & chooses to teach his mysteries

He blesses me & my generation, for my eyes is upon him all of my days.


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